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Allen Walker
Allen Walker

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My World - My rulez Empty
PostSubject: My World - My rulez   My World - My rulez EmptySun Jan 30, 2011 2:42 pm

Dah Rulebook:

Rule 0: Don't f*ck with the adms.

Punishment: Infinite Ban (∞)

Rule 1: You can troll moderately and joke around here, but don't insult or curse newcomers or you get supah ban.

Punishment: 3 Months, 5 Weeks, 3 days and 8 hours banned.

Rule 2: No necroposting. (the old friend of necrophilia, you disgust me if you do it)

Punishment: 7 days banned.

Rule 3: No plaguiarism around here. Be it in GFX or Articles, do your own thing and post your own thing, unless you give credits to the real author. This will have arguable punishment.

Rule 4: Double posting sucks, don't do it.

Punishment: 3 days ban and people can make fun of you for a day in a topic. 8D

Follow those and have fun guiz!

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My World - My rulez
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